Founded in 2014, LINTEL – ENGENHARIA E CONSTRUÇÃO (ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION), S.A. is a company that has Engineering, Construction and Public Projects in Angola ingrained in its DNA. LINTEL has the experience and knowledge to handle the many challenges of the domestic market, addressing them with motivation, responsibility and innovation.




To develop engineering solutions that are context specific, and to design them with our clients’ satisfaction in mind, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency, in order to generate sustainable value and consequently grow together with Angola.



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Planning and execution of engineering and construction projects with the aim of finding the best solutions and engineering methods and, of course, with innovation and efficiency.


We have built and restored various types of buildings and infrastructures, using different techniques and materials, having also developed experience in construction to support the manufacturing sector, in order to grow with Angola.


Due to its size, the country still has many needs in terms of the construction of administrative infrastructures (public buildings such as schools, hospitals, police stations and administrative buildings), road infrastructures and so on, with LINTEL being in a position to respond to these challenges with a sense of great responsibility.


Bearing in mind the challenges that exist in Angola’s current situation, as well as the region in which it is located, LINTEL’s operations are based on the following strategic guidelines:

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LINTEL’s mission is to carry out engineering, construction and public projects with commitment, responsibility, and high-quality standards in order to boost Angola’s development and growth in a lasting way.


A national company – with a presence in neighbouring markets – renowned for its capabilities in its areas of operation, ensuring high levels of responsibility (environmental, social and corporate), professionalism and quality in the work undertaken for its clients, reflecting the generation of sustainable value.


Loyalty to our customers, within a relationship of closeness and readiness.

Innovation in Engineering solutions and in the carrying out of Construction and Public Projects.

National in terms of the focus of our market, without disregarding internationalisation within the larger region where Angola is located.

The Talent of our Professionals, placing emphasis on ongoing training.

Experience and Environmental, Social and Corporate Responsibility as a means of generating sustainable value.

Leadership through excellence, sustainability and ambition.

We are at your service