Retranca Road

This is a 7.5 km rigid sidewalk engineering work connecting the Expressway to the Retranca market in the Municipality of Cacuaco, Province of Luanda, including the construction of hydraulic passages and public lighting.

Kinanguvo Road

This is a 2.5 km asphalt engineering work connecting the EN110 road to the Bengo River in the Municipality of Cacuaco, Province of Luanda, including the construction of hydraulic passages and public lighting.


It is an earthmoving work of 53 km, construction of two Pontecos of 5 meters and hydraulic passages of the section that connects the Municipal Office to the Commune of the Mission of the Bângalas in which LINTEL – ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION, S.A. acts as a...


In this work LINTEL – ENGENHARIA E CONSTRUÇÃO, S.A. makes the Design and Rehabilitation of 5 plots of roads, in the province of Malanje, Municipality of Cahombo. Lot 1: Located in the Municipal office of Cambo Camana – Work carried out 21.99 km of Earthworks, with...

Cambundi Catembo

This is a work of earthmoving engineering of 72.2 km of secondary roads connecting the municipal place of Cambundi Catembo to the commune of Quitapa, including the reconstruction of a bridge of 20 meters, hydraulic passages and Pontecos.

Lombe Farm

For this cereal and fruit production project, LINTEL – as the main contractor – is responsible for the earth moving and construction, for providing the Ecological Brick, as well as the living quarters (cafeteria, residential blocks, offices, etc…), Warehouse and...


This is an innovative project for the semi-intensive production of Corvina fish, with LINTEL being the main contractor. This project will be equipped with a hatchery, a pre-fattening area in 24 fibreglass tanks, a fattening area of 26 soil tanks (which corresponds...

Malanje Special Education School

For this public project, LINTEL contributed to the construction of the building, building the foundations, walls and pillars. Furthermore, LINTEL participated in the construction of basic sanitation infrastructures.

Nestlé Warehouse

Repair of the flooring in a large warehouse and installation of industrial racks. On the exterior of the building itself LINTEL also carried out road protection work, and collaborated on telecommunications and basic sanitation infrastructure tasks.

Nosso Zimbo and Lady Jasmin Condominiums

As subcontractor in the construction of the Nosso Zimbo large scale condominium, LINTEL carried out work on the basic reinforced concrete structure, the construction of retaining walls and the reinforced concrete structure of drainage ducts. In the Lady Jasmin...

Novabase Warehouse

LINTEL took on the role of main contractor on this project, fully renovating a warehouse, transforming it into an office area (including a mezzanine with linoleum flooring) and a warehouse area (with epoxy resin flooring). In addition to the internal construction...

Orey Logistical Centre

For this project, LINTEL was responsible for laying the foundations for 7 warehouses, as well as for laying the flooring. LINTEL was also responsible for building the inner road infrastructures and part of the energy and basic sanitation infrastructures.

Unicargas Offices and Workshops

LINTEL contributed to this project in terms of finishings (e.g. placement of partitions, paneling and painting) and in terms of specialised work, by implementing mechanical infrastructures (toilets, etc…), air-conditioning systems and other electrical infrastructure,...

BIR Bank

As the main contractor, LINTEL carried out the construction of a building for the headquarters of the BIR Bank, and another for the Malanje Regional Branch, along with the respective hydraulic, electrical, safety and technological infrastructures. Aside from the...

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